Using the certification mark

Privacy statement.

Please note that the name RSPCA Assured cannot be used without the mark; and the mark cannot be used on websites and other marketing communications to promote products or dishes that do not carry the mark.

All uses of the RSPCA Assured certification mark on products and menus is strictly subject to membership, an approved supply chain, the payment of licence fee, adherence to Freedom Food’s certification mark guidelines and written artwork approval.

The RSPCA Assured certification mark may be used by certified members of the scheme, plus restaurants and retailers using a certified processor/packer.

Other persons or organisations – such as the media – may also use the mark where it supports the aims and objectives of the scheme and written permission is granted by Freedom Food.

Please check you are meeting your obligations regarding use of the RSPCA Assured certification mark.

If you have artwork for approval please email it to:  If you have any questions relating to use of the certification mark feel free to contact us.

We always try to respond to artwork approval requests as soon as possible.  However, in some cases it may be necessary to allow 72 hours for the RSPCA’s farm animals and legal departments to check any accompanying statements.

To find out more about membership go to: